The Caribbean In Kissimmee

Kissimmee? Orlando? What’s the Difference?

Kissimmee is a city similar to Orlando, it is located in Osceola county and is part of the Greater Orlando area. When talking about the 72 million visitors to Orlando, Kissimmee is included in those numbers, also counting Winter Park and Sanford.

The cities mingle, at times you don’t know whether you are in Orlando or Kissimmee. If you are renting a house, you will surely be in Kissimmee, as Orlando does not allow short term rentals (with a few rare exceptions). The interconnection is so great that the brand new Margaritaville Resort Orlando complex is located in Kissimmee.

I was just visiting the Hotel, which in addition to traditional rooms and suites, has “cottages” for those who want to enjoy a home experience, with the comfort of a hotel in the blue sea of the Caribbean, without giving up the parks, shopping and everything else the Orlando / Kissimmee combination has to offer.

The decor is spectacular, with special attention to detail. The large slipper in the lobby and the glass chandelier caught my attention. The panel behind the reception with live images of the ocean takes you to other destinations. Every corner of the hotel is filled with great taste, it has beautiful ceiling height, plenty of natural light with a relaxing air, without losing its class.

In the cottage kitchen there was no shortage of a margarita blender at the entrance. And the backyards of the houses combine, in a perfect setting for that end-of-day barbecue with the neighbors. In addition to the leisure area the hotel has convention halls, restaurants and a water park in the final stages of construction.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to be in Orlando or Kissimmee, what matters is that your destination will have anything and everything!

Directo de Orlando – Claudia Menezes

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