Art On Wheels

Art On Wheels
Celebrating one year promoting the Arts!
One year ago, GoPegasus launched a new showcase to display local, Central Florida artists’ creations as never seen before…on a “moving canvas”. Our buses, carrying millions of passengers each year, have been transformed into the ultimate moving art canvas for talented artists to devise the perfect creation – all visible to the world as our passengers travel from place to place!
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As part of our celebration we have created wallpapers with the art of our first 6 installments, you can download them by clicking on the image of your favorite artist, right click to download and then set as wallpaper on your cell phone.
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Art Is Essential
Born out of the passion for the Arts, “Art on Wheels” was the brainchild of Fernando Pereira and Claudia Menezes, owners of GoPegasus. The Central Florida business owners had often played with the idea of wrapping the bus windows with corporate logos but wanted something more iconic and meaningful to grace the giant canvases available to them. Their fleet of buses could easily be transformed to traveling art pieces that could enrich the community and serve as mobile inspiration anywhere it traveled.
Arts Advocacy Day Installment designed by C. Stanley Creative
Christian Stanley is an Orlando based muralist, graphic designer and illustrator. Having graduated from the University of Central Florida's graphic design program in 2011, his work encompasses a broad range on styles and mediums. Born and raised in Stuart, Florida, Christian's art is influenced by his Florida roots and love for wildlife of the Southeast. Christian worked for 9 years in large scale graphic creation and installation before launching C. Stanley Creative LLC. as a professional muralist.
Orlando City Soccer Installment by LemusArt
Born in Honduras, raised in Miami and stationed in Hawaii while serving in the U.S.
Army, German Lemus has been surrounded by vibrant colors and cultures his entire life. While he is most recognized for his mixed media portraits of recognizable people and animals, it is his surrealist take on landscapes and use of metaphors and symbolism that really make this man a creative powerhouse. Inspired by music, culture, nature and current events, his work is nothing short of conceptual all while being so beautiful and intriguing to look at. You can stare at one of Lemus's pieces everyday and find something new! As one of the founders of the B-Side artist collective in downtown Orlando, you are sure to recognize one of his large and powerful murals around town.
Orlando Fringe/ City Beverages/ Kona Big Wave Installment by Hannah Loflin
Hannah Loflin grew up in Arizona and began drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil. From being a Disney artist for Disney Parks Live Entertainment to
Continuing to pursue her passion for painting both traditionally and digitally as an independent artist, you can find Hannah’s work showcased in various galleries, including the Orlando Museum of Art and now…Art on Wheels rolling throughout Florida.
Orlando Magic Installment by Mauro Souza
Mauro Henrique Costa de Souza (Mauro Souza) was born in 1974. He is an illustrator and architect graduated from UFPA with a master's degree from EESC-USP. He has worked for Mauricio de Sousa Produções since 1998. As an illustrator, he worked for several magazines and newspapers such as Veja, Folha de São Paulo, Superinteressante, Mundo Estranho, Revista VIP, Info Exame, Placar, Recreio, Quatro Rodas, Você S/A, Saúde, Men’sHealth, among others.
Turma da Monica installment by Mauricio de Sousa
Mauricio de Sousa is the most successful comic book author in Brazil and has millions of readers through messages of friendship, solidarity, and humor with "Monica and Friends." Mr. Sousa has over sixty years in the field of comics with awards and publications across the globe. His work has more than 10 million readers a month, representing 85% of the entire youth comic market in Brazil. His brand is recognized in more than 4,000 licensed products across 150 companies. With more than 400 characters, Mr. Sousa has produced more than twelve animated films for the cinema and hundreds of animations for television, making him the biggest producer of Brazilian animation, with the largest studio of its kind in Latin America staffed by over 400 employees.
"Peace and Action" Installment by OCPS Students
The new "moving canvas" features art installations from the Orange County Public Schools exhibit, “Peace and Action." The Student Peace Art Exhibit features creative works by young artists reflecting how they can build peace in their community and world. The installation is a partnership between the Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs and Orange County Public Schools Visual Arts Program, in partnership with the Global Peace Film Festival and GoPegasus.

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