Art On Wheels

Click on the name of the painting in the list below to obtain more information about the work and its author.

Mona Lisa Leonardo DaVinci
Self portrait as young man Pablo Picasso
The blue boy Gainsborough
Arnolfini Wedding JanVan Eyck
Isabella of Bourbon Peter Paul Rubens
Saint Martin and the Beggar El Greco
Self portrait 
Pablo Picasso
Son of Man Rene Magritte
Self portrait Vincent Van Gogh
Frederick Douglas Artist Unknown
Self portrait Leonardo DaVinci
Self portrait Rembrandt
Madame X John Singer Sargent
Self portrait Frida Kahlo
Two Children Katherine Larson (passenger’s side)
Portrait of a Woman, Modigliani (driver’s side)
Ginevra de’ Benci DaVinci (driver’s side)
Whistler’s Mother James Abbott McNeill Whistler
American Gothic Grant Wood
Girl with the Pearl Earring Johannes Vermeer