The Volcano Is Calling. Get Ready

Make a SPLASH this summer at Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay

Planning a vacation can be stressful, so why not add some time to relax and enjoy some Florida sun? There are many water parks in Orlando that are perfect for adults and kids alike from fun thrilling slides to total relaxation by the pool.  As winter comes to an end and the weather gets nicer, why not add a water park visits to your Orlando vacation!

This weekend our team took advantage of the warmer weather and visited Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park to give you the inside scoop on Orlando’s newest water park!

Fun for Everyone

For those that do not like thrills, there are relaxing pools as well as a stunning lazy river that takes you inside the park’s iconic volcano!

For the little ones, there is the Runnamokka Reef, filled with fun activities where the little ones can truly run amok.

For thrill seekers, there are tons of slides, including a state of the edge water coaster, the Krakatau Aqua Coaster, and the Ko’ori Body Plunge; where the truly daring can take a plunge down a 70-degree free fall tube from the top of the Krakatau Volcano.

Breathtaking Views

Yes, there are countless thrilling rides at Volcano Bay, but the park is surprisingly relaxing. Despite being near the hustle and bustle of Orlando’s major highway, I4, it is easy to feel transported to a relaxing island while walking around the beautiful beaches of the park. Grab a drink, pull up a chair and forget all of your worries while Volcano Bay transports you to a tropical paradise.

Interactive Technology

Relaxing at a water park is hard when you are always waiting in line, in the blazing sun, for every ride. Volcano Bay has the answer to this, and it’s called the TapuTapu! Every guest gets their own TapuTapu upon entering and they can use this exciting technology for multiple things around the park!

  • Wait in line: Just tap your TapuTapu at the front of the ride you want to go to and they will place you in a virtual queue. Your Tapu will countdown to when you can finally return to your attraction while you relax and do other things instead of waiting in line! The best part? You don’t need to worry about constantly checking for updates. It will vibrate when you are good to return to the attraction!
  • Pay for food and merchandise: You can link your credit card to your TapuTapu and use it throughout the day for any purchases you need! No more running back and forth to your locker. Freedom from your wallet at the twist of your wrist.
  • Have fun! Your TapuTapu can be used to activate various special effects throughout the park. Tap your TapuTapu anytime you see the Volcano Bay symbol and watch the spirits awaken. Will you splash water at the guests riding the lazy river or perhaps awaken the spirit of Krakatau?

Unbeatable Theming

One thing that will truly captivate you at Volcano Bay is the attention to the theme. As soon as you step off the bus you will be fully immersed into a living breathing tropical Island. From decorations to attraction names, you won’t want to leave. And don’t forget about the food! Volcano Bay boasts more than 60 unique menu items inspired by the flavors of the South Pacific. YUMMY!

For the ultimate relaxing experience, families can rent fully stocked private cabanas with food delivery. No need to worry about reserving a spot by the beach or waiting in line for food!

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