Interesting Brazilian Statistics in the NBA

Brazilians have made a big difference in the NBA, especially in the Orlando Magic.

The numbers are surprising and thanks to the movement of tourism in the city. Orlando Magic for the third year in a row is No. 1 in group sales across the NBA.

There were 115,000 international visitors in the 2017/2018 Magic season from 110 countries.

Guess who was number 1?

With a growth of 60% over the 2016/2017 season, Brazil ranked first. More Brazilians watched the Orlando Magic game than the sum of the other 49 states in the United States.

Close behind are the English, Argentines, French and Germans. Once again tourism proves its importance in the development and integration of all sectors of society and the results are clear in the NBA. Orlando remains at the top of the crowd thanks to the 72 million visitors who honor the destination each year.

Here are some interesting NBA statistics:

  • NBA has 13 offices around the world
  • 40% of the audience comes from the International market.
  • 108 players come from 42 countries
  • NBA has 1.5 billion followers on social networks and 50% of them are outside the US.

Go Magic!

Direto de Orlando – Claudia Menezes

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