Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center
Escape Gravity
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is where rockets launch and inspiration begins at Florida’s gateway to space. Located one small step from Orlando, arrive early for a full-day experience at the greatest space adventure on Earth. Our ongoing space journey can be defined by significant eras. That’s why we’ve organized Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex into Mission Zones — grouped attractions and experiences reflecting specific periods of time and achievements. Your journey awaits!
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From Then to Now
Go Intergalactic
Rocket Garden
Walk among giants to see rockets from NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Guided tours available daily.
Astronaut Encounter
Meet an astronaut during a live presentation at Astronaut Encounter.
Saturn V Rocket
This monumental 363-foot rocket launched America’s brave astronauts, who traveled to the moon and back, fulfilling the dreams and imagination of people around the world.
Space Shuttle Atlantis
Get a close-up view of Atlantis, the only space shuttle displayed in flight. Space Shuttle Atlantis also includes more than 60 interactive exhibits!